The $1000 Dollar Salary Fast Track...

"If Two Of Amazon Kindle Go-To-Guys Who Have Trained Over 500 Regular Nigerians Like You To Start Collecting Dollar Salary From Amazon Decides to Work With You Till You Make Your First $1,000 In A Month..."

...Will you drop every excuse that can stop you from achieving this life changing result?

Hi friend,

If you are reading the words on this page, that's because you already know me.

My name is Gbenga Akinwole, you might also know me as Hunku Fenga.

Since 2013. Amazon has been paying me top dollars every month even when I'm not working.

and till date, my Amazon Dollar Paycheck has never stopped for once as long as my documents are still on Amazon.

These Are Some Recent Payments From Amazon.

Here Are Some Images From People Who Have Benefited From My Training On Amazon Kindle.

So Who Is The Other Amazon Kindle Go-To-Guy That Has Helped Hundred Of Nigerians like You Start Receiving Dollar Salary That I Am Talking About?

His name is Victor, and he has also trained hundreds of Nigerians to start receiving dollar salary.

He is someone I met online, researched well before contacting him, In fact i'm in one of his private group to see for myself the kind of result his students are getting..

To say I'm totally blown away is an understatement. Victor knows his stuff and he delivers results like a true Amazon kindle Specialist.

Here Are Some Images From People Who Have Benefited From Victor's Training On Amazon Kindle Business.

One Problem I Have Noticed With 90% Of People Who Invest In Online Courses.

Even though I am sure both our online training on how to create a successful Amazon kindle business are impactful and in-dept.

And anyone who put it to use is guaranteed to succeed.

The truth is a few people are okay with a video training course and they will run with it till they start seeing result.

But most people cant survive without being held by the hand and guided.

Which is why with online courses, only about 10% will ever go through the course but never till the end...

5% will go through the training till the end but postpone when they will start.,

3% try their hands on the information received from the training but give up along the way.

And only about 2% actually stick to the program and get result.

This is why there is always low rate of success from people buying online courses.

I'm sure you probably fall into one of the categories described above .

By now, I'm sure you are tired of buying training courses that leaves you all by yourself to be trying to figure everything out yourself.

To be honest this makes me really sad!

I am tired of people investing in my online courses, leaving it to gather dust on their hand drive and do nothing with it.

Then A Brilliant Idea Hit Me That I'm Sure Will Fast Track You To $1000 From Amazon Kindle Business Even If You Know Nothing About It

Let me quickly digress,

If you have been on my mailing list, you know I have an ecommerce mentorship program;

Where I work with people (some know absolutely nothing about ecommerce) till they have their first successful ecommerce business fully setup and running effectively.

As of now, I have mentored around 50 people and 47 of them becoming successful with their ecommerce business. 

Below are few of my student mentee talking about how my mentorship helped them.

This is after they had invested in different online courses and didn't get result.

If you listened to one of them, he was even scammed by different gooroos who promise heaven and earth but didn't deliver.

You could also hear another one of my student who now makes more than his lecturers despite still in school.

The truth is my mentorship/mastermind approach works better than any other method I have tried to use to impact people with my money making knowledge like online courses.

As you can see;

97% success rate using my mentorship approach is a huge different from less than 2% success rate with online courses.

How Victor And I Will Help You Fast Track Your First $1000 Salary From Amazon.

Salary? you are wondering right?

Yes, I didn't make a mistake calling this your new salary because once you get to your first $1000 in a month,

Amazon doesn't stop paying you the same amount if the books that made you the first $1000 still continues to get read my amazon customers.

Meaning your first $1,000 isn't just the last but a guarantee of receiving dollar salary from Amazon every month for years to come.

Ready To Start Collecting $1,000 Salary From Amazon Every Month?

If you answer the question above is a resounding YES, Then you will love what Victor and I have planned to help you reach your first $1,000 from Amazon.

Even though Victor and I are both successful with Amazon kindle publishing, and our online courses has helped some people get started.

We have a goal of helping even more people who need us to hold them by the hand, work with them, show them what we are doing right inside our own business till they start seeing results.


$1000 Amazon Fast Track Mastermind

$1,000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Get Access To Inside The Mastermind

  • Access to a close VVIP Facebook/whatsapp group where we will be sharing with you exact thing we are doing in my publishing business that is working.
  • We will reveal to you the types of books to focus on every month to boost your royalty quickly
  • How to get started even if you know nothing about Amazon Kindle business prior to join us
  • We will reveal to you the topics to create books on to get you to $1,000 faster; these are topics working for us
  • Show you how to create the books FOR FREE  (both content and zero content) without spending a kobo on outsourcing or knowing how to write. its more like copy and paste method.
  • We will reveal to you money making categories that your book is guaranteed to start picking up sales as soon as you publish.
  • We will reveal to you secret tools that helps us create zero content books fast and how you too can start using it ASAP,
  • Undivided attention to your request immediately you need our help or run into a challenge,
  • Access other successful kindle publishers already collecting thousands every month from Amazon Kindle Publishing.
  • We will work with your till you make $1000 from Amazon kindle business even if you know nothing about Amazon kindle.
  • We will grant you access to our step by step blueprint to start Amazon kindle business if you complete novice.

Is that all you will get for joining 9 others in this life changing mastermind?

Far From it..

We plan to make this mastermind nothing like you have seen before, a mastermind you will be proud to introduce to people because of the mind-blowing result you are getting.

  • We will do bi-weekly live video calls with you and other 9 members to see where you are in your business and show you what to do to improve your result
  • Access to My secret goal setting tool that helps me hit my goals every time
  • And Lots more.

Why $1,000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind Is A No Brainer For You

If you seriously believe that Amazon Kindle Publishing has the power to create over $1,000 monthly for you!

But you find out that you have not been able to do anything or take action, there can only one reason and it can be found in a quote from Wikipedia

“Human Being Have A Better Chance Of Survivor In Packs and social groups”

This explains why you have not been able to get started;

This mastermind will give you an enabling environment to feed on other people’s energy to keep you on your toes,

You will also get the drive and everything you need to get result with this while sharing idea with each others pertaining to how to make your kindle publishing business a huge success,

With an healthy competition not to lag behind when you see others hitting their income goals and targets.

By now, we are hoping you cant wait to join the mastermind.

Here Is How To Join $1000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind!

If you are ready to follow our lead, be optimistic, vibrant and positive-minded, also know there is power in collaborative effort,

Then This is For You

That is why we have made sure that the price is not too high and also not too low so as to weed out people who will hold us back and blame it on the group.

Hence, you can become one of the lucky 10 we will be accepting into $1000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind for a one time investment of;

N120, 000 

N99,997 Only

With the easiest online business model like Amazon kindle publishing guaranteed to make you a $1000 every month without writing yourself or paying money to writers.

No website design, no product sourcing, no traffic generation wahala, or marku azuberkberg banning.

You have no limit to how much you can publish meaning no limit to how much you can make from the business.

And with Victor and I who collectively make thousands of dollars every month holding your hands and guiding you, we know $1,000 is just being modest.

So that we can easily under promise and overdeliver.

At ONLY =N=99,997, you cannot say the mastermind is over priced. You cannot say it’s too expensive. You cannot say we hate you and do not want you to be part of it.

I strongly believe anyone who wants to truly makes a consistent  $1,000 every month with victor and I devoting my time to jump-start your business using my set and forget Amazon kindle blueprint,

knows that Paying =N=99,997 for this one-of-a-kind mastermind is a steal of a good deal.

So there you go. No excuses!

Considering all you will be getting from me as a member of $1000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind

How To Join $1000 KDP Fast Track

Discount price Only For first 10 people!


 Bank Deposit, Internet/ATMTransfer

  • Make a deposit/transfer of N99,997 into;
    Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
    Account Name: Lodrif Internationals.
    Account No: 011-693-7079
  • After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER and date of payment to [email protected]
  • With the title "Paid For Fast Track"
  • As soon as we confirm your payment, we will get back to you with details of your access.


 SECURED Online Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the page where you fill in your details.

Here Is What Few people I Have Worked With Have To Say About Me

But That's Not All,

We Want To Demonstrate To You How Confident We Are About This Mastermind With our Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee.

That's why we am taking the risk off your shoulder by covering you with A Money back guarantee.


Fully Protected by Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.


If, for any reason, you do what we show you inside the mastermind and you still don't get result. just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you full refund.

If you are serious with changing your finance, by now you should be happy you have nothing to worry about because we have given you our words.

What's left is if you will be willing to take the bold step that is required for your next level or you will chicken out.

But we know you are smart and will make the right decision that is guaranteed to lead to your financial freedom and independence when you join $1,000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind.

Time Is Of The Essence!

Once we have 10 People That we plan to kick start this One-Of-A-Kind Mastermind, we will shut the door till further notice.

So taking action right now guarantees you a spot in the mastermind,

Also makes you one of the pioneers of the $1000 KDP Fast Track Mastermind whom Victor and I are willing to go out of my way to make mind-blowing testimonials out of!

So the ball is in your court...

Will you pony up the investment and join the 10 persons that we'll be working with till they make their first $1,000 or continue to buy the next shinning product promising heaven and earth without result?

Like I said, The ball is in your court, will you play it and score a life changing goal where you will celebrated.


Click the button below to join the 10 lucky persons that will be accepted into my mentorship program that's guarantee to change your income and your life.

Gbenga (Hunku Fenga) Akinwole

C.E.O Lodrif Publishing


Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions And Their Answers

I Don't have An Account With Amazon, Can I Do This?

The mastermind is beginner friendly so if you don't have an amazon kindle account, we will show you how to register without any hassles as a Nigeria.

Do I Need To Be Writing Or Paying Writers To Do This?

We know a lot of people might be interested in joining but are not willing to be paying writers every time they want to publish a new book which is why we have created a new method that anyone can use to create a new book copying, pasting and tweaking to taste. More so you wont be writing yourself if you don't have the time to write also.

How Do I Get My Money In Nigeria?

We will teach you the easiest way to collect your month salary from Amazon right here in Nigeria. You walk into your bank and withdraw your dollar, then take to your favourite aboki and conver to Naira at the best exchange rate.

Can You Reserve A Spot For Me?

Unfortunately this is going to be first come first serve basis. We will accept only 10 people who secure their spot by making the required investment of N99,997. once the 10 spots are filling, we stop accepting people into the mastermind, we want to be able to focus on the 10 people who join so that they can get maximum result as soon as possible.

How Soon Can I Make My First $1,000

As much as we provide everything you need to get you to $1000, there are still some work on your part, so the answer to that depends on how serious you are with the project. The more serious you are, the faster you reach the $1000 goal.

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