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About Me is where Gbenga post tips, thoughts and advice on online businesses you can start to help you create en extra income and where I generally air my opinion about anything and everything.

The aim is to teach you and other Nigerian alternative way to create income and kick 9 to 5 salary to the curb.

Also he shares personal development tips that challenge your beliefs and make you think outside the box.

About Gbenga AKinwole

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Gbenga Akinwole Looking Like A 17yr Old Boy

Gbenga Akinwole is an Alterntive Income Advocate, A renegade thinker, A successful online entrepreneur, trainer, coach and speaker. and all-round fun loving person.

Who believe you can create the life you aspire and dream of while creating the kind of income that will allow you live such life without slaving away from someone else in the name of Salary.

He has worked for some major companies in Nigeria and knows the pain people go through working for someone else.

Most people do that because they want to put food on their table.
Gbenga has made it his purpose in life to helping people create an alternative income source that will replace their 9 to 5 income. He calls it A Revolution Against 9 to 5.

He also has developed great skills in helping companies market their good and services online; working with many Nigeria companies to great success.

From An Undergraduate To An Online Entrepreneur.

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad in the early 2000s, Gbenga decided working for someone is not what he wanted.

"Success Digest" "Success Attitude Development Centre" "How To Make Money Online"

Certificate Of Attendance

He decided to start his own business and started looking for opportunities that could help him start a business that will afford him time to do other things he loved like playing basketball among others.
After few years of trying his hands on various business ventures, He found Internet business and knew that was exactly what he wanted to do.

He got trained on the platform of Success Attitude Development Center in 2008.
Since then He has never looked back as he continues to learn and master the act of Online businesses.
He has also gone on to create course where he teaches what he has done online that has made him massive profit.

See How his knowledge could help you create extra income from home here

As well as coaching and training companies and individuals. Gbenga regularly speaks at conferences and workshops around the country about online businesses, Alternative Income Sources, Online Marketing for companies, online branding for individuals and companies.

He has spoken at African Internet Business Submit, My Income Breakthrough Live Event, along with dozens of webinars he holds and contributes to annually.

"Gbenga Speaking At A Seminar" "Gbeng Akinwole"

Gbenga Akinwole Speaking At A Training Workshop

Check out The speaking page where you can get update on when Gbenga will be speaking next and if you will like Gbenga to speak at your event or company.

Gbenga Does “Other Stuff” …

He has a online book publishing firm that helps Nigerian writer, Authors and Pastor publish their book worldwide at

He also runs some other website that covers his varios interests at,

He also has a Online Marketing firm where he consult for individuals and companies on the best strategies to use to bring their brand, business,good and service online and use the internet to acquire paying clients, boost their sales and presence in their various market.

While also using his sparing time for reading, basketball, watching movies and listening to music.

Gbenga Also Write Books…

He has written some books on Alternative income creation but also delve into other topics that interest in like personal development and others.


Gbenga hails from Ibadan, Oyo state even though he barely visit the town. He resides in Lagos where he also runs his various online business.

Pardon Me for writing about myself in the third person, I just feel its cool that way when I get to write about myself that way…



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