First Of Its Kind 3-in-1 Expertnaire Affiliate Challenge!

More Information About The Product You'll Be Promoting

  • Course name - Dollar Automated Paycheck Masterclass
  • Course links - ,
  • Vendor's name - Gbenga Akinwole
  • Course Price - N39,997
  • Affiliate Commission = 50%

Challenge Duration - August 1 to October 5


Below Are The 3 Ways To Make Money From Dollar Automated Paycheck Masterclass Affiliate Promotion Challenge

Affiliate Money 1:

50% Affiliate Commission On Every Sale

Each Expertnaire affiliate promoting Dollar Automated Paycheck gets 50% commission on every sale.

Dollar Automated Paycheck Is being sold for N39,997. which means you get paid N19,998 every time you make a sale.

Meaning if you get 100 sales, that is 1,999,800 in your bank account paid to you by Expertnaire.

But that is just the tip of an iceberg with this Affiliate Challenge. 

Affiliate Money 2:

Sales Milestone Challenge

  • Get 50 Sales , Receive N150,000 cash Prize Bonus from me
  • Get 100 Sales , Receive N350,000 cash Prize Bonus from me
  • Get 200 Sales , Receive N900,000 cash Prize Bonus from me
  • Get 500 Sales , Receive N2,300,000 cash Prize Bonus from me

Affiliate Money 3:

 Speed Sales Affiliate Challenge

I'm giving out N1,000,000 of my own money to any affiliate who is the first to get 200 sales from when the challenge starts to when its ends.

Affiliate Promotional Materials

Every promotional materials has been tested by myself and my  advert team to make sure that you get the highest result possible when using the provided materials for promotions.

I have created everything you need to succeed with this affiliate challenge. All you need is to put in a little effort and you could be the winner in this one of its kind 3 in 1 Affiliate challenge for DAP Masterclass.

Below Are Promotional Materials You'll Get Access To

  • Written Ad Creatives 
  • Video Ad Creatives
  • WhatsApp Marketing Promotional materials
  • Social Media Banner
  • Email Follow up For Prelaunch And Sales
  • Testimonials And Feedbacks
  • Course Feedback Screenshots

Click The Button Below To Join The DAP Affiliate Army And Get Access To The Promotional Materials.


We are aware that some affiliates will come up with unscrupulous methods so that they can deceptively win these prizes.

So we are also on the lookout for such affiliates.

If you try to use any deceptive methods apart from normal marketing techniques to win any of these prizes, you will be caught and not only will you be disqualified from these challenges, you will also lose your affiliate commissions for that period.

You have been warned.

Also anyone caught using this promotional materials to promote different course beside Dollar Automated Paycheck will be reported to Expertnaire.

Any attempt to use promotional materials created for Dollar Automated Paycheck Masterclass to promote another program will be prosecuted and be reported to Expertnaire platform which will result in affiliate commission withheld.

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