"Put An End To The Shame And Embarrassment Of Having A Tiny Dick And Not Being Able To Have Lasting Strong Erection Enough To Satisfy Any Woman In Bed..."

Using a Herbal Supplement that has helped over 1,800 Nigerian Men Regain Their Man Respect by Increasing their Dick to a perfect size any lady will want to hold, suck and fuck till they start speaking in unknown languages.

Not every man is born with a dick big enough to make ladies drool anytime they see the bulge in his trousers. 


Some guys like me and thousands of others are not lucky to be created with big dick and strength like a porn star.

Coupled with stress, hustling to make ends meet, unhealthy junk foods, too much sugar from drinks intake e.t.c, Having strength like stallion is almost imporsicant.


This can take it toll on any man's self confidence and esteem

Because no man wants to see that irritating expression on the ladies face when she see the tiny winy winky thing under you after you undress.

Even worse is a girl asking if you are inside her pussy when in fact you have been inside for over 5 minutes.

That was exactly my story for years...

After so many times of loving a girl, spending on her, win her over and she finally falls for me;

Telling sweet sexy words, We get to the bedroom and she sees my tiny dick which leads to the end of the relationship.


In fact One Girl Even Blocked My Lines From Reaching Her After Touching My Bulge And Noticing How Small My Dick Was;


Till date, I still remember how she reacted when she touched my tiny dick several times to be sure she was touching the right thing.

...one girl called Amaka even laughed at my face because of my tiny dick.

 Enough of my old sad story because I'm sure you have had your fair share of heartbreaks because of tiny dicks or because you can last enough to give a ladies earthshaking orgasm.


After so many shameful experiences and I stopped dating to the point my friend taught there was something wrong with me,

I finally had the courage to open up to a very close friend by the name of Steve.


 Steve Told Me A Secret That Solved My Tiny Dick And Weak Erection/Premature Ejaculation Problem

Steve told me I should have told him since instead of keeping such problem to myself, but he also understood I didn't want to be the laughing stock among friends.

Steve even told me every man experience weak erection or premature ejaculation at least once or twice in their lifetime so I should not think i'm the only one.

Steve recommended the "KMAX" herbal to me which he and his friends actually used;

To increase their dick length by More 3cm in 3 weeks, Make there dick stronger, fuller and bigger during full erection and can now last till a ladies begs them to cum.

KMax is a NAFDAC approved all natural sexual tonic Made From 100% Herbal Ingredients:  Unlike many of the products out there, KMax is produced using raw 100% herbal products sourced from the forest. 

KMax gives result like no other in the Nigerian market, if not...

Over 1,800 Nigerian Men Cannot Be Raving About KMax, Below Are Few Of Them

Regardless of what your sexual performance or dick sizes is at the moment, taking KMax will improve it by at least 10 times.

By taking KMax frequently or some minutes before action time, KMax optimizes your body to function like that of a real man - and this helps you to perform consistently in bed like a real porn star.

KMax Eliminates The Top 3 Sexual Performance Problems Men Face

without any side effect because of its all natural ingredients

  • Premature Ejaculation To Lasting Long:  When you begin to use KMax, you will no longer complain about quick ejaculation. That is because KMax gives you unusual bed stamina and strength to last longer in bed.
  • Small Sized Dick  To Kmax Sized Dick : By using KMax, you will begin to experience robust, thick and hard erections - because Kmax improves blood flow to the penis, with time of using kmax, you start seeing improvement in the size of your dick; both length and thickness.
  • Low Sexual Energy/Libido: One of the common feedback we get from customers is how KMax gives them the raging desire & sexual stamina of a wild animal

Here Is How To Get KMAX!



  • 1 Bottle Of Kmax
  • comes with 1 Free pack of condom
  • Will Last for 1 month
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  • 3 Bottles of KMAX
  • Comes With 9 packs of condom
  • Will last 3 months
  • Free Sugar cleanser and infection flusher
  • Free Shipping

NOTE: Due to Rare Ingredients, there is limited bottles of Kmax Available Per Month

Right now, we are only able to supply few bottles of KMax in a month. so many times demand is more than supply of kmax because it works.

That is because KMax is made from 100% herbal ingredients sourced for in the forest - and we do not want to reduce this quality.

Until our producers are able to get access to more raw material sources, KMax will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

So, place your order right now before we run out of stock.

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Now The Ball Is In Your Court!

Now is the time to take charge and put an end to the embarrassment tiny dick, weak erection/premature erection, low sex libido has caused it.

KMax is the only solution that you need, no need of buying different things just so that you can cure each sexual problem. 

Plus you have nothing to worry about, this is not some low quality Chinese product without a nafdac number.

KMAX is NAFDAC approved and we start by our product anyday anytime.

But if you are serious, you need to act fast because we can only product limited bottled every month due to the availability of the raw materials used to product it. 

We will rather be short of supply than compromise on the quality of KMAX, so its first come, first serve basis.


Common Questions About KMax Answered!

QUESTION: Does KMax contain any drugs?

ANSWER: People always ask this question often based on the effectiveness of KMax. The truth is that KMax is produced from 100% herbal ingredients sourced from the forest (herbs, leaves, bark, shrubs etc)

QUESTION: Do I Have to Keep Taking KMax Or Is It a One Time Thing?

ANSWER: Taking KMax is not a one time thing. Just the same way eating food to get energy is not a one time thing. The good thing however is that depending on your body type and how sexually active you are, one bottle of KMax can last for as long as 2 months.

QUESTION: Is it bitter?

ANSWER: Yes, KMax is bitter but not very bitter such that you or anyone can't take it

QUESTION: What is the dosage?

ANSWER: KMax comes with a dosage leaflet that provides advice on how to take it

QUESTION: Does it have an overdose?

ANSWER: We recommend that you stay within the prescribed dosage. But from our experience, there has never been any issue with taking an overdose of KMax.

QUESTION: Are there certain people who can't use it?

ANSWER: Yes. KMax is not recommended for pregnant women, people with Kidney problems and people taking some serious medications

QUESTION: How long does it take for you to start seeing results?

ANSWER: It depends. If you take KMax for the short term effect, you can see results in as little as 10 minutes especially because it is in liquid form.

QUESTION: Can a diabetic patient use KMax?

ANSWER: A diabetic patient can use KMax if the person had no kidney related problems. In fact, KMax could help with lowering blood sugar levels in Diabetic patients. But we recommend that you get professional advice from your doctor first.

QUESTION: Is it not going to cause embarrassing erections?

ANSWER: KMax is optimized to put your body into super-man sexual mode and give you the kind of big and robust erections that makes sex. If you notice that KMax is making you have more erections that normal, we recommend that you reduce the amount you are taking. And try to not take KMax when you are going to be in public

QUESTION: Does it have alcohol?

ANSWER: Many people prefer KMax with alcohol to help take it easily. But if you want the non-alcoholic version of KMax, we can make this available to you

QUESTION: Does it cause runny stomach?

ANSWER: Sometimes, KMax could cause runny stomach if you take too much of it. That is because of its stomach cleaning effects

QUESTION: Is The Packaging Discreet?

ANSWER: Yes. Kmax is packed discreetly so that no one has an idea of what is inside the package. This way, you can quietly receive your KMax bottles, store them somewhere cool and use them to power up

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