Here Is My Story Before Internet Brought Me Success And Fame...

Plus how to create a $1000 or More DOLLAR SALARY Without A JOB Or long working hours

Let me shock you with this statement;

You are smarter and knowledgeable than some online gurus you look up to,

You just don't know it yet;

They breath the same air you breath, have the same 24hours in a day and one head just like you.

But 2 things separate them from you;

You definitely want to know what those 2 things are right?

Read on because I will reveal the two things in a bit.

Before Success And Fame From The Internet, Who Was I ?

My name is Gbenga Akinwole,

But most people call me Hunku Fenga.

I'm a foodie who loves eating in luxury restaurants and places;

And no, I didn't eat all that by myself incase you are wondering,

I had my beautiful wife with me who snapped that gorgeous picture.

Through several internet businesses I have ventured into over the years,

I have been able to making millions in naira, thousands in dollars and impacted thousands of lives with my knowledge

Before the internet brought me success and fame;

I was just a regular boy who grew up with his grandma in a beautiful little town in Ondo state called Akure.

I never got any formal training on how to use computer, 

In fact till date, I don't know what to do if the laptop I typed this week goes off.

I grew up playing basketball hoping one day to become the next superstar of Nigeria.

But during my active days of playing basketball, I took a liking to entrepreneur books and read books like richest man in babylon, rich dad, poor dad, cash flow quadrant and I also read a magazine called Success Digest.

And that was how I discovered it was actually possible to be on the computer and make money.

To say I was mind-blown was an understatement because it was the perfect income opportunity for me;

I never liked the idea of work slavery called 9-5 because of no freedom or independent and someone somewhere dictates how much I'm paid in a month.

I Attended Some Much Seminars In Lagos And Paid For Different Training Materials So Much My Friends Began To Think I was A Fool

From numerous adverts I saw inside the success digest entrepreneur magazine that caught my attention;

I started attending different seminars In Success Attitude Development Center (SADC) in Okota; Lagos all the way from Ado Ekiti which was where I was schooling then.

Back then, there was no online classes, zoom or webinars. so all trainings were done physically

All expenses and training fees was paid with my school fees, pocket money, borrowed money from friends and family.

I even got a certificate for attending one week workshop put together by the founder of Success Digest himself;  Dr. Sunny Ojeagbase and a host of others who were already making money online.

Certificate image.

For a long time, I was chastised and abused by people around me who didn't believe in what I was trying to achieve or believed it was not even possible to make money online.

They said I was a fool and that I was dashing people my school fees and pocket money.

The height of my struggle trying to learn how to make money online then was when I attended a seminar in Lagos and all I had left was transport fare back to Ado Ekiti.

As I type this, just going down this memory lane brings tears to my eyes.

How I Almost Slept Under (Then Notorious) Ikeja Under-bridge After Attending Honorable Akin Alabi's First Seminar In Nigeria

That is a picture of me and Honorable Akin Alabi on a flight some months ago. (just a coincidence)

But prior to this day, I had met him years back even before pioneering betting In Nigeria and creating Nairabet.

Like I said earlier, the only way people organized training back then around 2006 to 2016 was a physical training.

You have to come all the way to Lagos (which was where everything happened) to learn anything you want to learn.

On this day, I came from school yet again to attend a seminar organized by then Mr. Akin Alabi after reading his full page advert inside Success Digest magazine.

This time all I had with me after paying for the seminar was my transport fare to Lagos and Back, not even extra money to eat a decent meal.

But I was determined to learn this internet business of a thing.

I was hoping we will finish early so I could still catch a bus back to Ado the same day.

But unfortunately for me, we finished late and there was no way I was going to be able to travel back to Ado that late.

With no option, I had to go meet Mr. Akin Alabi and tell him my situation, 

I can't thank him enough till this day because of his heart of gold; he offered to pay half of the hotel room bill if I could come up with the remaining half.

I respectfully thanked him and left with no particular place in mind, 

Before leaving, I asked one of the attendees if there was an Anglican church around which was my family church then, and I was directly to the one at Ikeja around area F,

Getting there, I begged to let  them allow me sleep in the church auditorium till the next morning when I will leave for Ado Ekiti.

But to my surprise, I was refused and told I couldn't; even after telling them my Family is well-known in the Anglican Diocese in Akure Town.

I resigned to fate and decided I will manage myself under the bridge at Ikeja since that was the closest place to where I was rejected.

But while walking down there, an idea came to my mind to call a fiend of mine who used to come down to Lagos.

That single ideas was what saved me from sleeping under the bridge because she linked me with her uncle's place which was very close to Ikeja under bridge.

Till date, God knows what would have happened to me if I slept under that bridge...

Why Tell You My Story And What You Can learn From It

The truth is at one point in time, most online gurus you look up to today once struggled.

So if you are struggling right now, dont despise it because you only fail when you give up.

If I didn't decide to share my past struggles with you, you might probably think I was born with the skills to make money online and everything has always been easy for me.

You just read some of my struggles, and that's just a tip of an iceberg compared to what I faced before I got it right and this online business bright me success and fame.

So What Sets Most Online Gurus Apart From People Still Struggling To Make Real Money Online

At the beginning of the post, I promised to reveal to you the 2 things that sets the successful internet guru apart from people still struggling.

I know this because learning these two things changed everything from me. it helped me stop jumping from pillar to post and stop running after the next shinning object.

Here are the two things I'm talking about;

1. Identity a working money making strategy

2. Run with it till results starts showing

Before discovering these two things I just shared with you above, I tried a lot of things. name it I have tried it before.

And to be honest, I had results with some of the strategies to make money online that I tried but none was able to create the exact type of result I want.

So what type of result was I looking for?

A Business Strategy That Keeps On Producing Result (Putting Money In My Bank Account) Even When I stop Actively Working On It

Won't you love to have such type of business? 

To be honest not too many business had the quality I was looking for until I discovered what I am about to share with you.

But before we get to that, 

You are probably wondering why I was particular about a business that keeps paying me even when I stopped actively working on it.

You see I grew up seeing my father experience a lot of financial ups and down. 

God rest his soul

Today he has thriving business and living the life and before you know it again, he is struggling.

I hated seeing him struggle like that and I swore to myself to do better when I come of age.

I grew up, I always had it at the back of my mind that its not the money you can make but more importantly money you can keep making every month.

I believe this is why most people settle for salary opportunities instead of trying to build a business from the get go; they want that guarantee of money coming in every month.

What if you could still get paid every month but you don't have to be tied down to working 9-5 for a boss that will replace you in a second if anything happens to you

How I Discovered The Simplest Business That Will Keep Paying Every Month Even When Not Active

The holy book said in ‎Matthew 7:7;

"Seek And Ye Shall Find"

Through the years, I kept looking out for business that can continue to pay me every month once I set it up correctly.

While reading one of Robert Kiyosaki's book, I discovered if I wanted a business that will keep paying me every month, I needed a business that pays dividend (stocks), rental (real estate)or royalties (music or books). 

The issue with these three ways mentioned was that I didn't have enough money to buy so much stock that my dividends will take care of myself and family,

I didn't have enough money to invest in real estate to be able to collect enough rentals

And definitely I wasn't a musician or an author big enough to have a bestselling music or book

But in 2014, Luck shined on me.

I discovered an Amazon device called Kindle which was simply a book reader.

I then discovered how to start collecting royalties every month from Amazon online store for publishing short documents on there website without being a known author,

After reading an article written about a 21 year old girl "Amanda Hockings" who made over $1,500,000 in 2010 for publishing on Amazon kindle device.

That was the turning point for me.

At last I discovered a business that will keep paying me every month for years even when I'm not active.

And for the past 8years that I have been doing this business, I have never gone a month with receiving payment from amazon for documents I upload on their website.

Image of income

So even though I don't work 9-5 paying salary,, I still get paid every month by amazon. 

Will You Love To Start Getting Paid At least $1000 Or More By Amazon For The Rest Of Your Life?

I want to believe your answer to the above question is a loud YES.

For years, for me to make money from amazon, I needed to either write myself or pay writers to write for me so I can upload to Amazon.

But as time went by, writers were becoming more expensive to employ. and to get the good ones who wont give you issues was even harder to find.

But During the pandemic, as I had enough time on my hands i decided to research and write some books to upload on Amazon.

Then during my research, I started noticing some new types of books I didn't take note of before.

I discovered something even way better than writing books and publishing.

I Discovered How To Upload Blank Books On Amazon And Get Paid Thousands Of Dollars Every Month

My guess is you saying Haba Hunku Fenga, Blank books bawo?

Okay before you think I'm just blabbing, below is a picture of such book on amazon which is selling over a thousand every month

How will you feel if you can upload thousands of books with No or Low Content on Amazon online bookstore for FREE and get paid every month for doing that?

Wouldn't that be cool?

So What Are Zero or Low Content Books?

They are the type of books people buy so that they can write in them e.g. Jotters, notebooks, diaries, music sheets etc.

Just like the image above.

But that's not all, there are still so many types of zero or low content books that you can make money from.

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