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Specialized eCommerce Industry Without Designing Website, Facebook Ad Bans Or Payment On Delivery Issues.......

And The Mind-Blowing Things can start with as little as ₦30,000 PLUS; there are buyers waiting with money in hand before your products arrives Nigeria.

If you have been around the eCommerce business for a while,

You will understand the frustrations that comes with doing the regular eCommerce industry,


  • The frustrating long processes required to start or run a regular eCommerce business
  • Marku azubuikerg frustrating and banning adverts for no just reason,
  • crazy customers who order and decide to be mad by telling you they don't want the products anymore or miraculously just traveled to their village after ordering,

That's not saying regular eCommerce is bad because its profitable when done right.

When the going is good with eCommerce business, you feel on top of the world because you are getting daily alerts in your bank account.

But as soon as something goes wrong...which always does.

It means you have to starts all over again; that can very frustrating and annoying.

The truth is; regular eCommerce can make you quick money but with lots of issues that comes with it, it is hard to grow big.

But what I'm about to reveal to you is so easy even if you know nothing about eCommerce before, you can easily make millions from it.

So Here Is A Question For You...

Are you ready to make the switch from struggling financially to using the easiest method known to make atleast N650,000 Every Month from The Hardly Talked About Industry?

If your answer to that is a resounding YES...

I am proud of you because you just made a very smart decision.

Because what I'm about to reveal to you today will blow your mind and your bank account.  

Gbenga akinwole

CEO  // Lodrif Internationals

Hello, my about-to-become Tycoon,

You probably know me already, In case you don't, 

My name is Gbenga Akinwole, most people call me Hunku Fenga

I am a published author with multiple best international sellers

I have also being into eCommerce business successfully for the past 5 years.

And I have impacted my knowledge on quite a number of people whose lives I have helped changed beyond their wildest imagination.

Both with my free videos on different social media platforms and through my paid courses and mentorships.

You can watch what some of them have to say below

Insert Video

If you have been following me, you will know that regular eCommerce has been good to me.

I talk about it often online and even mentor people till they start making money from doing the regular ecommerce business.

But then,

Why am I making seem you should forget the regular eCommerce business?

Good Question! which I will provide a great answer to in a minute.

All I ask for is you give me all your attention for a few more minutes and you will see why I am making the switch.

In 2020, some series of events forced me to have a rethink about what Building/having a sustainable business and income is.

The first of the events is;

Every business that depended solely on Facebook advertisement suffered greatly because every ad account started getting shut down for no reason.

I experienced this and I must tell you, it left me miserable.

Some times I wake up in the middle of the night with fear in my heart hoping/praying the new ad account I just created to run adverts hasn't been shut down.

Unfortunately, Hope and prayer didn't help so many times because they eventually got shut down.

As if that wasn't enough,

Secondly, The cost of running advertisement on Facebook also went through the roof,

With both events, Facebook made it almost impossible for every business that depended on them to survive talk less of thrive.

While a few people survived it especially the new guys starting eCommerce like my mentees,

85% of eCommerce giant struggled, some had to shut down.

In fact it affected my own eCommerce business so much that I exhausted all the Facebook accounts of my family members and friends while running ads.

At the height of the Facebook issues, I stopped talking about/doing  eCommerce altogether until things got back to normal.

I was totally frustrated, tired of the uncertainty caused by bans and increased ad cost! 

I thought to myself, How do I survive, feed my family when Facebook decides to be mad again and shuts all my ad accounts down.

But while everyone were wailing, cursing Facebook... I decided to see the lessons I could learn from all that happened.

Here Are Some Great Business Lessons
The Series Of Unexpected Event That Happened In 2020 Taught Me!
  • A business that cannot survive without advert will always experience ups and down..e.g. when Facebook adverts decides to be mad.
  • Your eCommerce business is not sustainable if people don't know your business by name..which is hard to do with constant bans and product changes according to whats selling.
  • A business that stops getting sales once adverts stops isn't a business but a money maker that puts money in your pocket when you need it.

With these great business lessons life taught me...

I knew I needed something different, something sustainable without all the issues that comes with doing regular eCommerce business.

But even though I knew I needed something different, I didn't know exactly what that thing was.

But I was definitely looking for something that will be void of all the issues that comes with regular eCommerce business.

Once bitten twice shy they say...right?


One day, I posted my concern on my Whatsapp status.

Among all the replies which was mostly people agreeing to what I posted.

One particular reply hit hard and was totally different from what others were saying.

It was from a guy by the name of Victor who replied with a message that led to what I am about to reveal to you today.

Here is a little about victor.

Victor is an old student of mine who sells gadgets and tokunbo cars...I see that from his post almost every time I check whatsapp status.

Victor always has a new gadget/accessories to sell and before you know it, he will come back in few hours to post "sold" under the image he posted few hours ago!

But before Victor started selling gadgets...

He paid to join my eCommerce business mentorship because he wanted to learn more about eCommerce business.

But just few weeks after going through the coaching, Victor disappeared into thin air.

This was his reply to me.

Our Chat Lead Him To Revealing To Me exactly what he has been Doing since he experienced his first 2 facebook ban and decided to stay away from the regular eCommerce business.

To say I was mind-blown was the least of what I felt when Victor explained the Gadget Import business to me.

I immediately knew that...

Victor Had Revealed To Me Exactly What I Was looking For; Something Different, Sustainable Without The Issues That Comes With Doing Regular eCommerce Business

In fact he has it down to a TEE so much that, he has buyers waiting for the gadgets before they land in Nigeria.

He even revealed on particular gadget which he focused on, that makes him ₦18,000 pure profit on just one piece and he sells in bulk to retailers.

After he told me that, my eyes almost popped out of the socket in shock!

Want to know what's even crazier about Victor's methods...

He doesn't have to run Facebook adverts and he still sells by truckloads.

By the time he was done telling me all he was doing, I was practically begging to pay him to reveal the process and take me behind the curtain.

I knew it wasn't going to be free and I was ready to pay the price.

At this point, the teacher was ready to become a student,

I already had my student uniform on with Biro and notebook ready in my head.!

We agreed on a price which I won't lie to you is probably the biggest I have paid to learn anything from anyone...

Because it ran into a few hundreds of thousands.

I knew it was worth every penny he was charging me...So I coughed out the money and paid him

You know what, Victor didn't just pull the curtain, he handed over to me his fail-proof blueprint which has been perfected over the years...

A fail-proof blueprint that you or anyone can easily use to make millions from the gadgets industry without any stress that comes with regular eCommerce business mentioned earlier.

He revealed how he imports USA grade gadgets for very cheap prices and sell them off in just days or a week.

Below Is Images Of How Much Difference In Prices between the secret websites he uses and how much same gadgets are been sold in Nigeria.

To be honest, I was tempted to keep this to myself and milking it till I am fat, stooopidly rich and ugly.

But that will be wickedness on my part!

And I was also reminded of the promise I made to God after miraculously surviving a Gunshot Attack At a Hotel in Anifowose Area of Ikeja years ago.

A promise I have kept over the years and don't intend to break.

Plus I'm very sure there are thousands of people who will be happy to have this Victor's Fail-proof Blueprint to Gadget Ecommerce Business and lot more that I discovered myself...

  • People like you who have taken time to read up till this point without clicking off and you know this information could help turn things around for.
  • People who want to start eCommerce but the process of start the regular eCommerce business scares off or people who have failed before.
  • People who want to have a profitable side business that won't eat into their time because all you need to run this business is your phone.
  • People who had tried different online businesses but failed at it.
  • People who want a business that can be done online and still offline. A business that can be grown with adverts but will still continue to get orders when ads stops

So instead of keeping the life-changing, bank balance multiplying information to myself.

I decided to spend a week; night and day compiling everything I learned from Victor, My other secret source who is a major Gadget Tycoon In Computer Village, Lagos.

Plus all my experience in eCommerce Business over the years  into an easy to understand fully loaded Training...

After putting everything together and I was very sure you or anyone who gets their hands on this training can make millions from it easily.

I wanted a second opinion in case I am just full of myself..

Which is why I contacted The Grand-Commander Of Importation Himself To Give Me His Thought On The Yet To be named training...

Here is what He had to say...

With his Glowing review, I knew I was not just full of myself. I had a golden compass to easy wealth from Gadgets.

I might have just put together the best straining program in Nigeria For starting A Gadget eCommerce Business.

Which is why  with so much joy, I present to you 

A Fail-Proof Blueprint Of Starting A Highly Profitable Gadget Ecommerce Business From Your Phone That Rakes In N650,000 Or More Every Month Without The Stress Of Facebook Bans, Crazy Customer, Long Learning Curve, Trial And Error Process That Comes With Regular Ecommerce business

Below Are Some Secrets Revealed Inside The Gadgets Tycoon Training

  • 3 important things you must have before you start gadget ecommerce business and how to get them
  • How to start importing used phones like iphone, Samsungs etc, laptops, large capacity powerbank, cameras and other gadgets.
  • How to start with less than  N30,000 if you don't have enough money to invest big
  • Secret Chinese Website where you get all these branded gadgets for cheap....No its not 1688, alibaba or aliexpress.
  • Local Chinese market App that connects you to real time sellers who are willing to do business with you..Plus how to use it without stress.
  • How to separate the good sellers from the bad sellers.
  • The easiest way to communicate with Chinese sellers who cant speak English.
  • How to know the problem-free iphones and avoid them like a corona virus plague - if you have not dealt in this market before, you will fall maga to bad sellers.
  • How to remove middle-men payment that increase your cost.
  • how to build a well known brand that sells gadgets...I will reveal the tactics to you.
  • Secret method of scaling your gadget business super fast revealed to me by Victor.
  • One secret used to get people waiting for your gadgets before they land like bend-down select...
  • And lot more...

By now, you should know that what you are getting is not some rehashed information that you have bought over and over from different online gurus.

In fact, I'm so confidence that what you will find inside this training is what you can find on google even if you are an expert researcher.

And for once you are sure you can finally build a sustainable business that doesn't depend on adverts to survive.

That Is Not All You Will Be Getting When You Access Gadget Tycoon Today

Because I want to bribe you silly and make your investment into the B.A.W.S Blueprint the best deal you can get;

I am adding some mouth-watering bonuses that will make any serious potential author pull out their wallet and grab a copy of Gadget Tycoon.

You Will Also Get These Bonuses I Invested Heavily Into At No Extra Cost

Bonus 1 - Passive Income Machine Masterclass Free Video Presentation 

Free Video presentation reveals how to get published Internationals as a Nigerian author and get your royalties every month In Foreign Currencies.

Bonus 2 - Book Launch & Published

Book launch reveals how to write, market & publish your first bestseller in three Months or less and use it to start and Grow a Six Figure Business, While Published which reveals the proven path from blank page to published author.

Bonus 3 - Tell Your Story to the World & Sell It for Millions

Part I of Tell Your Story to the World & Sell It for Millions is a step-by-step guide for writing your own top-notch page-turner. Part II teaches you the cutthroat publishing and Hollywood ropes so you, too, can achieve commercial success and join the ranks of writers making seven, eight, and nine figures annually.

Bonus 4 - Bestsellers Checklist Full Pack

These difference well put together checklists will guide you as you go along the journey to mastering the process of creating a bestselling book without forgetting anything that needs to be done.

How much will such tested failed-Proof, rare to find information cost you?

By now, I can guess you are excited and can't wait to lay your hands on the Gadget Tycoon with all the mouthwatering bonuses that comes with it.

I know for a fact, it cost me hundreds of thousands to lay my hands on this.

But I don't want you to pay through your nose to get access to it.

Hence you won't be paying hundreds of thousands like I paid to get access to this rare to find information.

Not even N50,000,

Anyways i intend to release this to the general public for N25,000.

But for a limited Pre-launch price, I will let just you and 29 people have it at an unbelievable low price of 

N12,497 Only

How To Order For Gadget Tycoon

Discount price Only For first 30 people!


 Bank Deposit, Internet/ATMTransfer

  • Make a deposit/transfer of N12,497 into;
    Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
    Account Name: Lodrif Internationals.
    Account No: 011-693-7079
  • After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER and date of payment to [email protected]
  • With the title "Paid For Gadget Tycoon"
  • As soon as we confirm your payment, we will get back to you with details of your access.


 SECURED Online Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the page where you fill in your details.

Here Is What Few people I Have Worked With Have To Say About Me

Sanmi Adams My first book was a total flop but I was introduced to Lodrif Publushing owned by Mr. Gbenga by a friend who told me he could help me fix my author's problem, From our first time of talking it was clear why my book flopped. We reworked on the book together and now the book is very much accepted.


Like  Reply  10h

Pastor Dele Akinbo Mr Gbenga's knowledge about creating a bestselling book is second to none, I can vouch for him anywhere anytime, because I have seen him work with numerous authors who went on to become bestsellers with Nigeria and Outside Nigeria.


Like  Reply  10h

I want you to know you have absolutely nothing to worry about...

Aside from making the Gadget Tycoon dirt cheap at the cost of a bowl of ice cream at coldstone or a bowl of chicken at KFC.

This program is nothing like what you have gotten before and didn't get any real value.

That's why I am taking the risk off your shoulder by covering you with A Money back guarantee.


Fully Backed by my 100% Risk-Free Guarantee



Money back

Get access to this program, use it for 60days which is enough time to put the information to the test,and see if the information is life-changing and if not, simply send me an email asking for a full refund.

I will refund you and still apologise for wasting your precious time.

But that has never happened before because I always over deliver on my promise. and I can bet you will write me a good testimonial like the few out of the hundreds I received monthly for sharing these secrets with them..


If I had gotten the Bestselling author writing blueprint, I won't have wasted over N250,000 on a book that didn't sell, I didn't know what I know now through Mr. Gbenga's Blueprint. I am sure I will do much better with my next book.

Fola Nathaniel Writer And Researcher.


Worth every penny I paid to get this training I must say. I have bought different products but bestselling authors writing blueprint shows that the creator Hunky Fenga actually practice what he is teaching. 

Emmanuel Akpabio Author

Still on the fence?

To register right away and join me and few others taking advantage of these revolutionary strategies already;

… Or to close this page.

If you get access now, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.

The choice is simple.

But I trust you know the right thing for you... so I look forward to you making the right choice. 

Sincerely yours,

Gbenga (Hunku Fenga) Akinwole


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