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Paypal Opens Its Doors To Nigeria – My Thought

"Paypal" "Paypal opening doors to nigeria" "Paypal Nigeria"When I read the news that paypal has finally opened it doors to Nigerians and 9 other countries which they blacklisted, I was really excited but after the news settled in, the excitement disappeared and here is why;

In the statement released by, it was stated that Paypal will be opening its door to Nigeria and others countries but not on a full scale.

The account which will be accessible to Nigerian will only be able to send money or make payments but not receive.

Indirectly They finally realized that they are leaving so much money on the table for not allowing nigerians to use them and its hi time they start looting our money to their country when they refuse to allow us recieved.

As someone who has been having issues with receiving money for my products from foreign prospects who wants them, I dont see how the news affect me.

I will rather prefer they give us the access to receive first or better still give us both (send and receive).

But for people who use pay for me service, I guess they will be very excited about the news because they can finally get paypal for the same rate at which dollar sells and be able to spend their money with reckless abandon on products that interest them.

The implication in this is that people will start buying products on impulse even when they dont really need it because they can pay with few clicks.

Once Paypal list Nigeria on their website, it simple means we can fund our paypal account with our Nigerian Atm cards with mastercard logo on it.

Well for now, My fingers are crossed waiting to see how this developes.

Well this is my opinion, I will like to hear yours. Drop your comment below.

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  1. This is not right,
    why open paypal to Nigeria if we will still be restricted to full access?
    Why do the always take Nigeria for a ride?
    We do they always see us as Second class citizens?
    Why restrict us when you don’t do same to the other country in our cluster?
    WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY why why why why??????????????
    If paypal think we are ripe enough for them in Nigeria then they can give us full access, else they can leave us the way we are. Not giving us access to send money and make payment while we can’t receive money.

    Nigerians don’t just need paypal for sending and making payment but to do legitimate businesses online and receive our earning.
    Why keep spending if we can not receive?
    Why do you get the money to fund your paypal, if you don’t receive?

    Please PAYPAL give us full access or Leave us the way we are, we are better off the way we are that not having full access….
    This is just ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Morah JP I see we are the same page. thanks for the comment on this post. I hope other people can see some sense in this

  3. Since PayPal doesn’t fully support Nigeria. Do you think getting a PayPal account from Auction Essistance in the USA would be a good idea?

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