How To Rank Your Blog On Google Front Page Using The Best Blogger's SEO Tool with Mangools

The best search engine optimization tool that makes ranking on google easy for bloggers.

BY MACK BENNET, MAY 27, 2015 11:00 AM

Have you been struggling to get quality traffic to your blog as a beginner?

Or you have been blogging for a while but every time you look at your web traffic statistics, you are disappointed and you feel like giving up.

I understand that feeling because I was once in your shoes. I have put together this article to explain to you exactly how I was about to overcome the traffic challenge.

To the honest, most online gurus makes it seems like once your blog is set up, traffic will come.

Set It Up First And They Will Come Lie!

With the number of active blogs hovering around 500 million, it's not surprising to discover that over 7 million blog posts are published daily.

So the idea of setting it up and they will come is total thrash and it is only people who are not practicing what they are preaching can say that.

The Best Way To start Getting Quality Traffic To Your Blog

Either as a beginner or long time blogger who just wants to get traffic to their website using a sustainable approach.

The best method I found is ranking your blog articles on the front page of google to the particular keywords you are targeting.

By going the Search engine optimization route, you are sure to get hundreds, thousands and even millions to your blog for FREE.

So the next question is how do you rank your blog on front page of google.

Ranking On Google and Other Search Engines Front Page With Mangools

To rank your blog or blog articles on front page of google, you are required to show or demonstrate to google or any search engine that your blog article is the most appropriate for the search term and you have the biggest authority ranking among other websites or blogs listed in the search engine.

How To Demonstrate to Search Engines Your Blog Deserves to Be On The Front Page

You need a quality Search engine tool that can provide you the information you need to be able to get the search engine ranking position that you need.

But more importantly for a blogger who is just starting out with tight budget, you need an seo tool that is budget friendly.

After I trying a bunch of seo tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush or Moz Pro which cost a leg,

I decided to settle for Mangools which has proven over time that its the best seo tool on the market that is perfect for bloggers is Mangools. 

What Makes Mangools The Best SEO Tool For Bloggers

Mangools is an SEO software suite that’s made up of five tools (they call them “apps”):

  • KWFinder - KWFinder is Mangools’ premiere feature. And it’s the tool that most people try first.

    KWFinder works like pretty much any other keyword tool out there: Type in a keyword and get stats (like search volume and CPC) on that keyword. Along with a bunch of keywords ideas:

    But beyond that, KWFinder does come up with lots of related terms which aren’t just a word added to the beginning or end of what you typed in.

    (Or a bunch of autocomplete suggestions like most keyword tools do)

    Instead, KWFinder tends to come up with lots of “lateral” keywords.

    To me, these “lateral” keywords are super valuable; Because they give you keywords and topics that you might now have been able to come up with on your own. And that your competitors may not know about.

  • SERPChecker -  SERPChecker is a detailed analysis of the SERPs for a given keyword. it shoes you keyword diffuculty score,

    Specifically, you can see each page’s Page Authority, Majestic SEO Trust Flow, Alexa ranking and more.

    SERPChecker also has something called “SERP Features Impact”. the tool helps you figure out how crowded Google’s first page is. And how many clicks those features are likely to steal from the organic results.

  • SERPWatcher - This is Mangools rank trackers gives you a list of keywords and it will track your search engine rankings for those terms:

    You can also tag keywords to mark important keywords… or keywords that fall under a certain category (like ecommerce category pages).

  • LinkMiner - With linkminer, you can see a list of backlinks pointing to an entire domain or a specific URL and sort the results based on nofollow/dofollow, Citation Flow, or Alexa ranking. It also gives you website preview which other more expensive seo tools don't have.

    This shows you a snapshot of the page that’s linking to the site that you typed in. It even scrolls down and highlights where that link is on the page.

  • SiteProfiler - This helps yo get a bunch of metrics (like the number of backlinks and total Facebook shares) on that site.​​​​

When you login to Mangools, you’ll see your dashboard page.

Mangools Support Is The Best There Is

Before deciding to start using Mangools, I wanted to know how effective is there customer support. Because Mangools has live chat, I got a helpful reply within seconds.

I even asked a followup question. And the correspondent quickly replied to that too. So yeah, live chat is always a bonus. And the support that I received in the Mangools live chat was top notch. So I give their support an A+.

Mangools Pricing And How To Use It For 10 Days FREE Of Charge

Mangools offers a free 10 days trial period (GET HERE) which doesn't require you too add your credit card to be automatically charged.

I like this in particular because you are not forced to use the tool, they want you to be convinced that its the right tool for you before paying them.

Mangools has 3 different packages with a monthly and annual payment option (With annual plans, you save about 40% vs. monthly billing).   As you can see below, their pricing ranges from $30-$80/month.

You get access to the same features no matter what plan you go with. The only difference is the number of searches, SERP lookups, tracked keywords and backlink rows that you can analyze. 

If you run a single site, Mangools Basic may be enough for you. But if you have a portfolio of different sites, then you probably want to go with the Mangools Premium or Mangools Agency plan.

How Mangools Pricing Compare To Other SEO Tools?

Mangools is significantly cheaper than most other tools. In fact, Mangools’ cheapest plan is 3x cheaper than Ahrefs.

“Mangools will save you a lot while you are getting the desired SERP results for your blog and articles. ”


To start getting free traffic from google and other search engines, you blog needs to rank high for its keywords and no other better seo tool can help you achieve that when you on a tight budget. Start Your 10 Days Free Trial HERE


The Other Stuff:
  • There is room for improvement

  • Each app opens on different tabs, it can be better integrated on one tab.
The Good Stuff:
  • Ease of Use: Mangools has a very user-friendly UI.You get enough data to rank fast.

  • Value: 30 bucks per month for a feature-rich tool like Mangools is a great deal. Especially because you get access to the same link index that you’d get with a Majestic SEO subscription… but with a 100x better UI.

  • Reveals to you some keywords you might not have thought about.

best offer

Get Mangools For First 10 Days Free Of Charge 

Make it easy for yourself to start getting quality free traffic from google without spending on paid ads.

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