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Its All Bed And Roses To Start Your Own Online Business – A Big Fat Lie

"Start your online business" "Gbenga Akinwole"

Have you been trying to start your own home business, or you have been trying to make the “make money online” thing work for you but you are yet to see any progress? You are yet to actually experience what the so called gurus promise you when they are actually trying to sell you their training courses which they sell for just N1,500 or even less titled in funny ways like. . .
“Make 500k In A Monthly Sleeping And Waking Up Without Doing Anything”
“How I Made A Million Naira In 7 Days Without Leaving My Room”
I’m sure you have seen many of them and probably you fell for some of them. Here is one simple fact if you actually fell for those kind of products. You Are “A Lazy Dude By Nature”, you just haven’t seen someone who can tell you to your face. Well I care less because I just told you to your face.
This should bring us to our next question; are all making money online products, the guys selling it and what they are teaching all scams?
The answer to that is a big NO. I’m sure you are surprise I’m saying that because it already looks like I’m against make money online products. Before you start feeling I’m a sellout, let me explain…
I have made a lot of money from the internet selling products and my services, I have also created different successful online business that are earning good money monthly so I’m not just guessing when I answer a big NO
Here is one fact about online businesses, home businesses, making money online from home and everything similar to it
1. There is no much difference between the way you make money traditionally and on the internet “make money online” business except that one is physical and the other is one the internet.
2. You’ve got to sell something traditionally to make money even if you don’t know that you are doing that, most people think it’s only businesses that sell either their product or service to make money.
Sorry to burst your bubble, even people employed also sell something even though they don’t know or see it as selling
So What Do The Employed Sell? They sell their time and skill. If you are employed, you are selling (Trading) your time from 8 when you get to work to 5 when you leave work doing something you are trained to do (skill).
With Online businesses, you also sell either digital products or physical product using the internet. For example, when people sell digital books online; it’s the same as selling physical books offline. People just sell digital books because it’s easy to carry around and can be easily accessed than physical books. Supermarkets are also doing the same; and are just like supermarket but use the internet to sell their goods.
So if both traditional and online businesses are so much alike, why Have You Failed To Make Money Online Till Now?
I’m going to break it down so that you can understand better.
1. You have been made to believe that this online thing is a piece of cake, you don’t need to do anything and money will start strolling into your account. Only Lazy dudes believe such rubbish and those selling you crabs like that are simply playing on your laziness and greed.
This misconception is one of the major factor you have not made a dime online and not until you change that mindset, you will not experience success.
So What Do You Need To Start Making Money Online?
1.You Need To Start Seeing Online Business As A Real Business that deserve your time and true effort and not some lottery ticket to win big money without giving any effort or a get rich quick scheme has a lot of people has painted it.
2. You Need to Have a Plan or Blueprint to Strictly Adhere To – It is easy to get carried away and distracted when you are into internet business where you are just surfing the internet and not really doing anything that will make your business online grow. I fell victim of this; even though I knew what to do, I could hardly experience success because I didn’t have a plan I needed to follow.
Just like a business owner needs a business plan to follow to success, you also need a plan or blueprint to follow when it comes to online home businesses.
You can save yourself from falling victim of different distractions that come your way and follow a blueprint that will lead you to success.

3. Stick With A Blueprint Till You See Success – It is very easy to get distracted by all the shinning products you see the gurus offer you, the next big things that seem to be the solution you have been looking for.
But I advise you to follow the steps required with the blueprint you have to a conclusive end where you start seeing result. If the blueprint you are following is for real, you will definitely get result using it but most people don’t follow the steps required to the latter before they jump to another big thing.
Most times they blame the creator of the blueprint without acknowledging the fact that they are the cause of their own failure because they didn’t follow the blueprint to a conclusive end.

4. Timing – Just like bible said, there is time for seed and harvest. You can’t plant a cashew seed today and expect it to grow and bring forth fruit the need day, so also is your online business, you need to work on your online business till the point it starts to make you money and that won’t happen overnight.
Though the time it requires to start making good profit from an online business is far lesser compared to traditional business and requires less inventories.
5. You Need To Acquire Some Basic Online Business Skills – Every business as its skill sets required to success and online business is not different. You need to acquire the skill set necessary for online business of home business. Some of the skills are marketing, advertising, copy writing.

6. Dont Wait Till Everything Is Perfect – I remember when I first started internet business right here in Nigeria, I wanted everything I do to be perfect before pushing it out and my income suffered a great deal then one day while I was reading I came across something that change my orientations

“Perfectionism Is The Number One Income Killer”


Seeing that quote, I knew from that very moment It doesn’t need to be perfect to make money, it just needs to be out there first then u can start tweaking it to what is required. Never wait till everything is perfect, just start first, make your mistakes and learn from it.
7. You Need A True Mentor That Wants You To Succeed – even though this can sometimes be hard to find, you need to do your due diligence to find someone that have you in his or her heart and wishes you to succeed with your online business.
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