"If More Women Had Access To The Wealth Of Knowledge And Experience Revealed Inside The Book "Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage"... I guarantee There Will Be Reduced Infidelity, Cheating Spouse And Divorce" ...Lucy Okoh

"The Long Kept Secrets Of Having A Blissful Marriage Without Letting Naysayers Into Your Home"

When the word "Marriage" comes up in a discussion in this age.  
What comes to mind are;   Pre-wedding shoot, wedding pictures going viral on social media.  
Lights, cameras, aso ebi, wedding gowns, and cakes.  
That's the picture that comes to mind of every young lady (guy)  but very few think of the new journey that begins from the day you say "YES I Do".  
In fact marriage now means "lot of things "to people far from what it was originally meant to be which is a union instituted and ordained by God!  
A lot of people now jump into marriage with total strangers without even knowing what to expect simply because they want the carry the title of being married,  avoid the stigma of being called "Single" After certain age or as an escape from something.  
But Marriage in its original and purest state is supposed to be the journey from  the day two people say I do to each other in front of a accepted authority.
Instead, wedding day has been more glorified than the marriage itself. More emphasis is on the "One day" than the rest of their lives together.  
It's no surprise that church is more filled up on Saturdays than on Sundays all in the name of OWAMBE.  
But then, If people spending millions just to make their wedding glamorous...

 Why do we have so many marital problems surfacing just months/few years after marriage?

 Why are there so many single mums in our country.?

 Why are there so many divorcees who now claim to be feminist out of bitterness of what they have experienced?

 Why do we have so many cheating spouses that it has become a norm in today's society?

These are many questions that has destroyed many lives because the answers seems to elude many in this generation.  
And the ones who have the answers have chosen to keep quiet and die with their wealth of marital knowledge.  
Hello dear single/married,  
I want to congratulate you first for landing on this page and reading till this point.  
And I sincerely hope, you won't leave without the gift I have for you today.  

 Who Am I And Why I'm Sure Listening To What I Have For You Will Be The Greatest Investment Into Yourself!

My Name is Lucy Okoh,

I am mother of 4 wonderful God-fearing kids;

All products of a wonderful marriage of over 26 short years to my Handsome Husband, Dr. Antoni Okoh.

To be honest, these 26 years feels like it was yesterday because our love remains fresh and has waxed stronger over the course of our 26 years union.  

But besides been happily marriage for 26years which has given me wealth of knowledge and experience on handling matters that arises in marriage,  

I am also a trained marriage counselor who has been actively involved in working with couples to make their homes strong.  

Working as a trained marriage counselor for over 15 years and being a Pastor' wife has exposed me to lots of issues couples face in their marriage.  

And my honest observation is that..

Most Marital Issues Are Not Even Suppose To Arise If Struggling Couples Are Expose To The Right Knowledge And Guidance.

It just breaks my heart!

Okay before you start thinking I became an authority on this topic because I am Mrs. Do-No-Wrong...  

I'm far from it!  

I will be the first to tell you marriage takes dedication, devotion and spiritual warfare.  

The truth is I have had my fair share of marital issues too but I have seen them as a learning process.  

Truth be told, No marriage is free of challenges...But it's how we come out of it that is important  

While so many come out of the issues in their marriage broken, sad, divorce, single because of wrong information or no guidance.

I have been able to come out of many marriage issues stronger and happier.  

With the help of my wonderful husband standing strong by my side, We have been able to overcome every challenge life has thrown at us.  

And we are still waxing strong even after 26 years of marriage.  

 So Why Did I Think It Is Time To Share My Knowledge With You And Everyone Who Place Huge Value On Their Happiness And Marriage?

From my numerous encounter with singles and married being a marriage counselor and a Pastor's wife,  


I noticed that majority of people struggling with relationship or marriage have been exposed to damaging information or wrong advice from people around them.  


More also, I particularly noticed that there are few people who are talking about this topic because it's a very sensitive topic and no one wants to be blamed for other people's action or wrongdoings.  


At first, I was contented with helping people around me but as time passed, my hunger to point the singles in the right direction and equip them with the right information became unquenchable.

My passion for saving struggling marriages and helping fortified the good ones became strong it kept me up at night.  


I knew I couldn't continue to turn deaf ears to the silent cries of many people out there struggling with their love life or marriage.


Or keep the information (I have been sharing with people around me which has been helping them wax strong) to myself.  


Also, my beautiful daughter (Joanna) is coming of age and without having the right information at her disposal, you might also fall victim of the wrong information floating around in this age.

All the above reasons motivated me and  I decided to put everything I know into a guide (which I'll rather call a marriage tool) so that I can reach out to more single and married people;

 Singles who need to know what they are getting into before marriage and also know what to expect.  

 Couples who are struggling with their marriage but desperately need help.  

 Families that are beyond my reach.  

 And also give a second chance to couples that  still wants to get back together.

And after one years of gathering my thoughts, expertise, experience backed up with real life examples. 

I was able to complete a book that I think should be made compulsory to every home who wants to enjoy the bliss of marriage.

 Introducing my gift to you...

Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Discover Inside The Pages Of Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage

  • Not all love is strong enough to make a marriage last...4 types of love and which one of them fortify marriages or break them...the truth will shock you. (Pg 40)
  • The right reason to get married...reason outside these might spell the doom of the marriage before it begins. (Pg 32-34)
  • Why leadership in marriage needs to be defined and most leadership style in Nigeria drills holes in the marriage bonds gradually.
  • Why same sex marriage s not the will of God. (pg 54)
  • The secret of having mind-blowing sexual intercourse between newly wedded couples. (pg 57)
  • Two ingredients that make sex in marriage pleasurable. (pg 58)
  • The mistake most wives make that makes their bedroom boring to the husband. (Pg 58)
  • What the bible call fraud in the bedroom and how to totally avoid it so that it doesn't kill your happiness. (pg 60)
  • What to do when you are not in the mood as a married couple. (pg 60)
  • Little known secret of keeping the both partners from looking outside or cheating. (pg 61)
  • Why sex should never be use for bargain or gain favour between couples.
  • Does size really matter? If not , then what really matter? (pg 63)
  • How to raise Godly children (chp 8)
  • Understanding yours partners temperament and how to cope or deal with it to be to cohabit together peaceful. (Pg 124 - 134)
  • Building your home on solid Christian values and how to deal with hurt in the marriage.
  • One crucial element of a successful marriage that most marriage miss that can make the relationship bland and boring. (Chapter 13)
  •  What does sacrifice and marriage have in common?
  •  The secret of having in-laws who adore you even if they didn't before.
  •  Dealing with domestic violence in marriage the Christian way.
  •  Divorce! How to deal with it.

My guess is you cannot wait to lay your hands on this marriage tool I created for you, but here is one big question I need to ask you first.

 How Important is Your Happiness And Marriage To You and How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Either Protect It Or Bring Good Times Back

For someone reading this page, getting a copy of this book will mean protecting their marriage and happiness, for some it will mean discovering what needs to be done to bring back happiness while for some it will mean a peep into what the future holds.
If I am to charge for the wealth of knowledge you will gain access to in this book, my purpose of writing it will be defeated because lots of people will have to break bank to have it.  
But that is far from my intention.  
The greatest fulfillment for me for creating this gift is that everyone can get a copy for themselves and I don't want anyone to say I can't afford it.  
Which is why I decided to subsidies "Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage" to the price of a medium cup of cold stone ice-cream with all the extras.  
At the barest minimum investment of  N3500 for the physical one.

 N3,500 ONLY!

This Price Is Available To 10 Persons ONLY!

 HERE ARE WHAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE READ (Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage) ARE SAYING

Ifeoma Vivian Keshi

I had the privilege of reading "Understanding The Dynamics of Marriage" and I was blown away by how spiritually insightful the book is. Every page is laced with principles drawn from real life situations and bible stories that can repair generations of poor patterns! I had an epiphany of "if I" moments as I read.

I was particularly intrigued by the chapter titled "A place for Sacrifice" especially as sacrifice is vital in cementing successful marriages and relationships and the lack of it has been the bane of many marriages.

I recommended it for anyone above 16.

Mrs Ndidi Enemor

Understanding the Dynamics of Marriage is a book to be read by anyone who desires a peaceful marriage.

The author, in simple terms, clarifies some thorny issues which normally brings about friction in marriages. With relevant scriptural references, she explains what each spouse must do to have an enjoyable and peaceful marriage.

This book is a handy tool for marriage counselors, pastors, husbands, wives and every mature single who aspires to be married someday.

Reading the book gave me a deeper insight and broader perspective about marriage.

Dr Austin Uzoma

I got so much from understanding the dynamics of marriage by pastor Lucy Okoh. The book is simple to understand, down -to- earth, hard core and real. It's expository to the unmarried and reorientating to the married.

I have had to read it again and again because it has a deep meaning. This made me travel with it to UK. It's not just a novel. It's a resource material that can transform lives and relationships. I strongly recommend the book to every one

 Here Is How To Grab A Copy (Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage)


Bank Deposit, Internet/ATMTransfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N3,500 into;

Bank: First Bank Of Nigeria
Account Name: Lucy Okoh.
Account No: 300-638-8303

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, Prefered Delivery Address and date of payment to [email protected]

With the title "Paid For P.I.M Masterclass"

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will get back to you with details of your access.

 Is Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage (A Necessary Marriage Tool) For You?

 This is a question I am often asked by different sets of people; the married, singles, male and female.  

And my reply is; (Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage) was created to demystify not only marriage but also handling relationship, children, money etc.  

So It's a must have for anyone who is married  or to the single is wants to get it right when s/he gets married.  

Going into marriage knowing what to expect and how to handle it give you the edge you need to navigate the stormy waters of marriage.


And I personally know it is a tool that you need to have,  So instead of assuming of (Understanding The Dynamics Of Marriage) as just another book you can do without.  

See it as a necessary tool of marriage you must equip yourself with to be better.

You Have A Decision To Make That Could Make All The Difference In Your Marriage

 I strongly perceive you hold your relationship and marriage in high esteem is why you have read up till this point.  

So I know your future is very important to you, your happiness and that of your partners and children(unborn) is also important.  

And I know you will make the right investment into yourself to get it right from now on.  

But if you decide your happiness in marriage is not has valuable, then I will understand and wish you all the best in life.  

I look forward to you writing me in few weeks from now after you have equipped yourself with my gift to you and it has helped turn your relationship/marriage around.


Pastor. Lucy Okoh. (Marriage counselor)

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