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How Smart Nigerians Are Taking Advantage Of The Dollars Increase Against Naira

"Dollars Advantage" "How To make some dollars"It is no more news anymore that Naira has taken a major hit since the turn of the year in the foreign exchange market.

Presently a dollar goes for around N350 on the black market; According to ABokiFX.

This has taken a major toe on Nigerian economy in diverse ways; Increase in commodities in the market, high cost of living

The worse thing is its you and I that feels the heat of the almost unbelievable distance between Naira and Dollars.

This has caused everything to be expensive; we now pay double for nearly every commodity on the market,

As every seller has one way or the other to complain that the dollars increase against naira is affecting him or her.

Even meat seller who I believe has almost nothing to do with dollars also tell you the same story.

Every smart seller seems to find a way to take advantage of the dollars increase.

The painful part is there is hardly anything you can do about it,

Its either you pay, or you leave.

To make matter worse, the fuel scarcity/price increase and power shortage in all state make the present situation almost unbearable.

Every Nigerian is complaining, the dollar has made the economy so unbearable for common Nigerians.

So what is the reason for the article, to add salt to injury? Hell NO

Its to open your eyes to the opportunity that abounds as dollars in high against Naira and how you too can take advantage of it.

The fact is this;[Tweet “Opportunities abound in the dollar increase, but you need to know how to take advantage of it”]

Because as worse as the case may be, some few smart Nigerians have stopped complaining about the dollar increase which they can’t do anything about but have found a way to take advantage of the dollar increase against Naira.

And I don’t mean the annoying aboki selling suya expensively and making excuse that dollar has increased.

Like a common Proverb says;[Tweet “If You Can’t Beat Them, You Join Them”]

Instead of crying foul and whining about what you cannot change, Be smart and act differently.

So how do you join the smart Nigerians who are taking advantage of the increase in dollars against Naira?

It’s Dead simple you will blame yourself for not thinking about it before;

You get into a business that pays you in Dollars.

So that you too can exchange dollars for huge amount of Naira like other smart Nigerian already doing it.

Just $250 is presently around N87,500. Imagine what you will do with $500, $1,000 extra?

Will it be nice to have extra Dollars added to your income without working extra hours?

I leave you to answer that.

This takes us to the next question you might have.

My guess is you are wondering “what type of business can I do that will not take my time and I won’t work extra long hours but will still put dollars into my bank account”?

Great you asked!

After trying different businesses since last year, I have been able to handpick 3 businesses (which I currently do) you can start within 24 hours that pays you in dollars.

I call these businesses “The Dollars Advantage Businesses”.

The good thing is it doesn’t require huge learning curve or huge capital to start.

Will you love to know them? I am revealing these businesses to only 100 Nigerian and 47 spots are already taken, Be among the people that will snap up the remaining spots by doing the following.

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