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Which Is More For You; Residual Income Or Residual Expenses?

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The essence of  every human endeavour is to make a living and by making a living, we all accrue bills/expenses that we need to tend to every month.

These bills most times become more than our income if we are not careful and because of that, we roll them over to the next month which eventually becomes a cycle.

So ask yourself this simple question; “is my monthly bills/expenses more than my monthly income”?

If they are, then this post was written for you.

That is the vicious circle so many 9-5 workers live with and it never occurs to them to do something about it mainly because that is how it has always been so they don’t see anything wrong with it, more also almost everyone around them do it too to get by.

To cover up on the bills, some take loans from bank, friends or family and make themselves belief they are living the life.

But deep within, they know fully well that whatever they are doing is just a quick fix to save their face, this also goes on and on till maybe a miracle happen which almost never happen.

Most live their life paying back debt accrued from recurring bills or loans.

This is not really the smart way to handle your finance and live life.

so what is the way out? thats a more interesting question

In my studies into life and personal development, I discovered that [Tweet “the most important question we should always ask ourselves is the ones that starts with “How””]

  • How do I learn a new things
  • How do make my life better
  • How do increase my income ?
  • How do I get myself out of this ?
  • How do I move forward?
  • How Did I get myself to this point ?
  • How Do I get myself out of this situation ?

These questions goes on, but here is the good part about when you start asking questions with “How”; It simple means consciously or unconsciously, your brain is searching for solutions to the challenge you are facing. the question your brain should be asking right now is “how do I make my monthly income more than my recurring bills/expenses?

In Nigeria, Jobs are not readily available so you cannot take a second job and you barely have enough time for yourself after you close from your 9-5 job.

So the question really is “what can I do to increase my monthly income that will not take much of my time?”

When you get to this point, then you are close to a coming up with a good solution.

Years back I was faced with this same challenge and I was able to come up with some great solutions. Presently my monthly income is not just more than my monthly bills, after paying all my bills, I still have left over to spend or invest as I deem fit.

After trying out a whole lot of alternative ways to bring in more income, I experienced success with some, while some were total waste of my valuable time and money.Remember our goals here is to come up with a solution that doesn’t require so much of our time, also doesn’t require much money to start.

I Have classified The Solutions I came up To Increase Your Monthly Income In 2 Parts.

Offonline Based Business – this are type of business that you can get into that doesn’t require opening a store, looking for salesgirl, large capital to start but produce mind-blowing income if you get serious with it. It has elements of both offline and online attributes. Offline attribute because it has a physical presence like it product, a central meeting point where you can learn more about it, while online attribute because you can introduce people to it using online platforms. below are some example of businesses that fall under this category

  1.  Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing. – I have personally had great success with this without stalking friends and family
  2. Consulting for offline business – providing your expertise to help businesses achieve a goal
  3. Online marketing for offline business

Online Based Business – I have particularly experience so much success with this and I’m sure its a perfect solution for employees that want to make more monthly even though they don’t have much time on their hands. Online based businesses are businesses that is powered by the internet, it the act of buying and selling on the internet without physical contact. Below are some ways you can use to increase your monthly income even if you don’t have so much times on your side.

  1.  Information publishing – The last book you read (Physical or digital)was published by someone like you who gets paid for everyone that buys it.
  2.  Affiliate Marketing – selling other people’s product or services for a commission, a great way to get started.
  3. Data Entry – spending few minutes to enter data information for people online. Here is a great example.
  4. Freelancing  – helping people online do things they dont have time to do or simply dont know how to do and getting paid for it. e.g getting paid for writing articles..
  5. Online Consulting – helping business owner create awareness for their product online, helping them market their offers.

What Next?

Now that you know exactly what you need to do to increase your monthly income over your monthly expenses. The most important next thing to do now is to take action. get started with one of this options.

If you need help and will love to contact me, you can send me a mail to info(at)

I believe this post gives you clarity that you want about increasing your monthly income more than your monthly bills without extra time to spend.

If you want more information about what I discussed in this blog post. Comment below and I will reply you.

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