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Your Job Is Not Secure- What You Can Do About That!!!

"Your Job is not secure"

Most people hold on to their paid employment like nothing can happen to it, they make it the only source of income they rely on, and never consider having a second income source. As if nobody learnt anything back in 2012 (economic meltdown) when people who had great job with good salary woke up one morning and had nothing to fall back up.

In fact some of my very good friends who always never really saw any sense in what I do fell victim of the mass retrenchment, most of them almost gave up on life because they weren’t prepared for it.

Before you think Gbenga is raising old dust, let me explain why I decided to make a blog post about this.

This article was inspired by a post I saw on BBC website recently, even though this is not the first time such thing will be happening.

Recently while I was browsing the internet, I found myself on BBC website and one particular post caught my attention.

Microsoft set to axe 18,000 jobs

Here is the link if you doubt the authenticity of that title above. One fact you need to quickly realized is the old way of doing things is been taken over by computers and technology. To buttress that point more, Nigeria is also adopting the cashless policy which means more financial institutions will likely cut down on numbers of staffs.

In one of the biggest and respected alternative income newsletter in Nigeria, the owner talked extensively about the implication of cashless policy on the labour market in Nigeria.

I am aware of a ‘top global 100 rated bank’ in Tokyo which has only five staff because they have little or no reason for human workers; the services being provided are simply automated and you get whatever you want by a click of a button.

Now banks like GTB allow you open accounts over Facebook, deposit cash via the ATM, recharge your phone without buying recharge cards (*737*amount#), emergence of Electronic branches among other things we are already familiar with.

This situation is not going to get better, that’s the fact. Instead of blaming everyone, the government for not providing jobs, you should start looking inwards, rid yourself of those old beliefs(the only way to make money is to work for someone or corporations) and tell yourself the truth that you need a second income source because your job is not secured.

The fact is. The world has changed and still changing. It not just about how people make a living…I’m talking about the whole world. The world’s economics are shifting.

Where money is been made is also shifting. [Tweet “The careers of the future are shifting and you need to adapt if you don’t want to be left behind.”]

And without denying the fact, the largest growth sectors, biggest companies being born, largest number of millionaire’s being created is all happening on the internet.

Before we can go further, let me ask you a simple question

Just settle down to think about the major Household name companies that have emerged in the last few years and notice the names that pop into your mind?

Let me guess. . .

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blackberry app, Youtube just to name a few; All powered by the internet.

As well as gadgets powered by technology exploding around the world like ipad, iphones, imac

I guess you are seeing a major trend here, but that’s just the start. These gadgets are going to take over majority of job opportunities just like I wrote earlier.

So what is the way forward?

1. Embrace The New World – I don’t think I need to dwell on this much anymore, you need to embrace the new world of information, and you need to tune in to the new way of making a living and creating wealth.

Making money does not necessarily have to be brick and mortar employment, Linda Ikeji makes over 20 million naira monthly on the average from her blog, how many jobs can pay that monthly in Nigeria?

2. Create A Second Income Source That Can Accommodate Your Present Job – you have to acknowledge that you are working for someone so you need a second income source that can accommodate your busy routine. My advice is to get started in an online based business like explained in this post.

3. Nurture Your The Second Income Source Till It Start Yielding Profit – just like every business, your online based business will also go through all business stages; invest, nurture, persist then profit. Don’t think because it is an internet based business, money will start flowing in immediately, you need to first acquire the right information first, master and use it to create your second income source, invest in it, then you can finally expect profit from the online based business.

Hope the article has given you great insight and provided you will quality information that will help you get started and create a second income source right now. If it has, then do your friends and family a favour by sharing it with them.

I will also like to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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