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3 Problems Only Employees in Nigeria Who Wants To Start A Side Business Will Understand

"Start A Business" "Start A side business"

Almost every 9 to 5 worker/employee wants to start a side business or side hustle in Nigeria to orgument for the small salary they take home at the end of every month.

Consider the mammoth bills they have to pay every month waiting to swallow their salary, its enough to put fear in the heart of David, and the rate at which price of everything is increasing, no one needs to be told that they need a extra side income. Nowadays 5Naira and 10Naira have become so useless that beggars in some areas in Lagos even reject it.


No wonder most employees run to every Networking marketing business that comes there way with the promise of work less, earn more.

Not that network marketing businesses are bad as I have one I am very successful with but most people fail woefully because they don’t acquire the knowledge required to succeed with it.


So What Are The Problems Most Employee In Nigeria Face With Starting A Side Business ?

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1. Not Enough Time To Monitor

How do you manage a business when you work from morning till night. Mondays to Fridays even Saturday sometimes, and get home so tired that the only thing you can think of is food and bed.

I know this because I once an employee myself and most times I sleep off in BRT buses till I am carried past my bus stop. Very few business can be successful without much monitoring.

That is why most people are finding solace in Good Online Businesses that doesn’t require much monitoring. See one online business you will love here.

2. Too Much Learning Curve

The fact is this, most business requires you to learn its process and this requires time too that most working class in Nigeria don’t have. Some of what they need to learn are totally different from what they do so it becomes more difficult to master with the little time they have to learn it; mostly weekends.

What if there is a business that doesn’t require you to master a lot but follow simple steps, will you want to start it? More on that later.

3. Not Enough Money To Start

Okay, we can’t deceive ourselves here, all businesses require a startup capital, baring all misleading adverts telling you start a online business without spending a Kobo, ask yourself this; are you not going to spend money to acquire the knowledge?

Though the startup capital required for some businesses like starting an Online business are small compared to some other business that you will need a back breaking capital to start like most offline businesses. The good thing is when you want to start an online businesses, they require little capital before they start seeing mind-blowing profit like the one I am talking about HERE.

Almost every employed worker knows all these above problem, in fact some you might have faced before and you are almost resigning to faith. But wait not yet, I’m sure you will be excited when I share with you something I discovered some years back.


What Business Can A 9 to 5 Worker in Nigeria Start That Will Accommodate His Busy Daily Schedule.


Is there a business that you can start that doesn’t Require a Long Learning Curve, monitoring and requires little to no money to start?

Some years back, if you ask me above question, I will not have a good answer for you because most businesses even online business in Nigeria still require some degree of learning curves.

Below Are Some Successful Online Business Ideas For Nigerians

"How To Start An Online Business In Nigeria, Online Business Ideas In Nigeria, How To Start A Side Business"

1. Information Marketing  –

This is the act of Creating solution (in form of information package in a particular format) to problems people face in Nigeria while get paid for it like the 200k Per Month Formula Training Course.

Even though this type of Online business idea has generated millions for me and a host of other Nigerians, It still require a huge learning curve, e.g information creation, web design, sales copy writing, online marketing, email writing…The list goes on and on. and if you want to outsource all this, It will cost you some cold hard cash. See One Salescopy Service are expensive, You Go Fear.

2. Affiliate Marketing –

The only different with this type of Online business idea is that you don’t create the product yourself and every other thing attached but you are still responsible for marketing it. You will need to learn types of Online marketing that works for this aside other things like some that I mentioned above.

3. Mini-Importation Business –

This type of business has become so popular in Nigeria in recent years, Thanks to droves of information marketers in Nigeria peddling information product about it even though some haven’t imported a pin ever.

Even though this business is good in its own right, here is one thing that comes to mind with it; you still need to know how to sell the goods you import or else they will grow dust or expire in your room.

Though Good training Courses are been created to solve that problem like the one by The Grand Commander Of Import Business, Mr patrick Ogidi, HERE

One issue I have with this online business idea is you need to get involved in the process; your time is require for ordering for product and follow up with it, marketing and delivering aside the money that is required to import all the products.

Other Online Businesses Ideas Like Fiverr, Domain And Website Flipping all come with at least two of the problems most workers have that I mentioned earlier in this article.

Another problem I have with all these above online businesses is this; they can’t generate true passive income for you; If you stop them, they income stops.

Finally a Way Forward; An Online Business That Doesn’t Require Long Learning Curve, Monitoring and Little Money To Start.

Wait for it, wait, wait…Okay

Here it is. . .

Its Amazon Kindle Publishing; The Only online business that can generate true passive income for YOU even if you hate writing or cant write –



Amazon Kindle Publishing the art of publishing short reports word that gets seen worldwide on Amazon kindle direct publishing platform while Amazon also helps you market the reports.

No need for web design, sales copy writing, online marketing, email writing and even the short reports can be created for you on freelance sites like elance, odesk and fiverr for peanuts.

Most people Who I have taught don’t also have the time to write just like you or can’t even write and they still make good passive income from their Amazon kindle publishing business which I taught them how to start..You Too Can Join Them HERE.

Aside from the fact that This Online Business idea require close to nothing learning curves aside some 5 steps you simply follow, Doesn’t require much time once you set it up once, and lastly it doesn’t require much capital,

In fact I started with no capital at all some 2 years plus ago after I have struggled with all the online businesses I have tried.

What sets this Online business Idea apart and take it up there is this; It create for you a true passive income.

According to Wikipedia passive income is an income you receive on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

In Fact this type of online business is turning a great extra income source for Nigerian who have found it; working class or unemployed. Here is the Testimony from a student of mine.


Click HERE To Learn More About The Amazing Amazon Kindle Publishing To Create True Passive Income For Yourself .

What Does Amazon kindle Publishing Business Require?

All that is required to start this type of online business is a simple 5 step formula that I have created to make it so simple by 15 year old cousin who just finish secondary school is using it already.

The 5 step formula is so easy that you can even outsource to people to help you do them if you are the very busy type.

The step 5 is going to the bank to withdraw your income every month. I bet you can outsource that to me. LOL. What you need to do now is to click the link below to get access to the 5 Step Formula.


Get Access to The 5 Step Formula To Start Amazon Kindle Publishing Even If You Hate Writing Or Too Busy To Write Here




You can start a side business that produce not just an extra side income for you but true financial freedom and independence using Amazon Kindle Publishing Online business.

All you need is to know how to start the online business that can create for you passive income even while you can’t work anymore,

Imagine you get into this business now and in few years times, you have built your Amazon kindle publishing empire producing millions every month on autopilots, Will you ever worry about retirement benefit  or pension when you have created a better retirement benefit for yourself that will still continue to be paid even when cant work any longer?

Get The 5 steps formula you need to start HERE

Don’t forget to share it on your favourite social media platform so that your friends, co-workers can benefit too.

I Will love to hear your opinion about this article and your contributions. Comment below.


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  1. Just stumbled upon your site. Would really want to work with you. Yearning for an easy and legit way to earn passive income. Liked your simplicity and concept. Looking forward to your reply. 08034839767. Cheers, Esther

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